Why Every Fitness Enthusiast Should Own a Set of Parallettes

Push-up bars - Atomic Iron

They are probably the most common exercise you’ve been doing throughout your life ever since you were knee high to a grasshopper. But did you know that the humble push-up can be performed with greater effectiveness with a little bit of help?              

That help comes in the form of parallettes , which are also known as push-up bars or push-up stands. These ergonomically designed, sanded wooden bars from Atomic Iron are designed to help you perform a push-up with proper form and provide a more challenging workout.

Some useful (and surprising) benefits of using Atomic Iron parallettes include:

  1. Improved range of motion: Parallettes allow you to perform the exercise with a wider range of motion, which can help target different muscle groups in your arms, chest, and shoulders. This can help you build more balanced upper body strength.
  2. Reduced strain on your wrists: Parallettes can help reduce strain on your wrists by allowing you to perform the exercise in a more natural and comfortable position. This can help prevent wrist pain and injury and make the exercise more enjoyable.
  3. Increased muscle activation: Using parallettes can help activate additional muscles in your arms, chest, and shoulders, which can lead to greater muscle growth and strength gains.
  4. More challenging workout: Parallettes can make the exercise more challenging by increasing the range of motion and activating additional muscles. This can help you push yourself harder and improve your strength and fitness levels.

Overall, using parallettes can help you perform a push-up with proper form and provide a more challenging and effective workout. Plus, they can be a useful tool for anyone looking to add variety to their upper body workouts. Once you start using them, you’ll wonder why and how you ever did push-ups without them!

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