Creating Atomic Habits With Atomic Iron Gym Rings

Old Habit and New Habits with Atomic Iron gymnastic rings

When broken down, the outcomes of your efforts are simply a combined result of all our habits. Bad habits that go unnoticed, no matter how small, can have a progressive and compounding negative impact on your life

A bad routine or a poor practice that you hardly notice or recognise performed throughout your day, repeated over and over again is what is standing between yourself and results. Achieving your gym ring goals is simply a consistent application of great habits, but how do create these habits and ditch the bad ones?

In the best-selling book. Atomic Habits by James Clear, it outlines how we can break away from our bad habits, and make it easier to create new, better habits. To do this, one needs to recognise the four laws of behaviour change.

The Four Laws of Behaviour Change (according to James Clear, Atomic Habits)

  • Law 1: Make It Obvious

This law refers to the habit being front of mind. To do this, using visual cues to remind you of the need to perform the habit can help, such as booking the workout in your calendar, making notes on the fridge, having pictures on your desk, or even setting up your gym clothes before you go to bed.

  • Law 2: Make It Attractive

We all know a workout on the gym rings can hard work, but it shouldn’t be something that you dread. The key is to create an attractive atmosphere around the habit of a gym ring workout, such as listening to your favourite music, or your daily podcast. It can even be the habit you perform when you have your ‘me’ time, where you allow yourself to focus on you, and you are alone. The key is if you can make the habit fun, you’ll being doing it.

  • Law 3: Make It Easy

Getting started to half the battle. You don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself to complete a full 30-min workout or achieve a personal best every time. The most important thing is that you get started, and begin the workout. To make it easy to get started, you should ensure your gym rings environment is clean, with enough space to make it an inviting area to invest your time.

  • Law 4: Make It Satisfying

We all like a reward for our hard work. The key with this law is ensure you receive the appropriate level of appreciation by either yourself, or others, for your commitment to the habit. You can record your progress of your gym rings workouts, including the reps so you know when you’re getting stronger. Also, share your progress with a friend or family member who will support on your journey so you can receive the positive feedback as you develop the habit.

What about breaking a bad habit?

We all have bad habits, but they don’t have to be part of your identity forever. To break a habit that has a negative impact on your life, you can follow the same laws as above, except they are inversed.

  • Law 1: Make It Invisible: Put away that phone at night, don’t have snacks out in the open, this is literally out of sight, out of mind.
  • Law 2: Make It Unattractive: What types of people have the habit you’re trying to break? Are they the people you admire? If not, associating the habit with these people is your first step.
  • Law 3: Make It Difficult: It’s hard to snack on chips at 10pm if they’re none in the house, as it’s to spend money you don’t have if someone else manages the account. Put the blockers up now to make it more difficult later.
  • Law 4: Make It Unsatisfying: Create the social connections to share bad habits with others to provide the accountability to break it. We are usually more unsatisfied with breaking our commitments to others than we are to ourselves.


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