Atomic Iron gymnastic rings designed in Melbourne Australia

Designed in Melbourne.

Atomic Iron is a Melbourne-based startup created in the turmoil of 2020. When I couldn't find what I wanted, I decided to create it myself. No more boring fitness routines, it was time to find a way to enjoy strength training. Gymnastic rings fill that void. They are my obsession.

- Anna Biley, Founder

Men and women working out with wood gymnastic rings
how we operate

We skip the middle-man

Atomic Iron is not just a retailer, we are involved in each and every aspects of the supply chain. From the initial design idea, to manufacturing, warehousing and delivery to your doorstep. We skip out the middle-man so that the savings are passed onto you. And any feedback you provide goes straight toward product improvements and enhancements.

Atomic Iron wood gymnastic rings with gift box
our product

We Specialise in one thing

We do one thing and we do it well. Our iconic white strapped gymnastic rings have been developed and perfected over 18 months to provide you with a revolutionary product. The only decision you need to make is your ring size: 28mm or 32mm?

Atomic Iron wood gymnastic ring.
Our Values


Gymnastic rings made with you in mind. Premium materials and a stylish design which looks as great as they feel. We never compromise on quality.

Our values


We are constantly looking for ways to perfect and enhance our gymnastic rings. They are portable and compact, with the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Atomic Iron gymnastic rings straps only
Strong man working out with Atomic Iron gymnastic rings
our values


We are dedicated to inspiring you. To reclaim your fitness. To build strength. And to know your worth.

our values


For people and planet. We’re mindful of the positive impact we can have on all parties involved in our business, and all facets of our business, from production to customer.

Man in Birch forest looking up towards the sky
Atomic Iron wood gymnastic rings with gift box
Our values


We are building the trust and reputation as Australia's #1 supplier of gymnastics rings. How? It's simple, we do what we say we do.

Believe. Protect. Grow.

We believe that strength is a human right.

Atomic Iron olympic rings include free priority shipping Australia-wide.

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Atomic Iron calisthenics rings have a 30 day money back guarantee.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Atomic Iron gymnastic rings Australia are Australian owned and operated.

Australian Owned & Operated