Gym Rings Body Transformations

Gym Rings Body Transformations

Building a Gymnastic Rings Beach Body

Reddit user u/nycrisp attributes his new physique to his 3 weekly workouts on gymnastic rings which were available to him at this local beach in Santa Monica.

With some helpful advice from the locals, he fell in love with the variety of movements, creativity, and overall challenge of the rings.

After six months of working out he noticed a drastic difference in the both how he looked, and how he felt. You can see for yourself the amazing difference below, despite only ~5kg overall weight drop, he built more muscle and lowered his body fat % for a more defined appearance. This was achieved without lifting weights or following a strict diet.

The great news is that after his experience with the rings, u/nycrisp began raising money to build opportunities for gymnastic rings to be set up all across the world and teaching locals how to use him.

You can read more about it here.

Amazing transformation of a man who got fit by using gymnastic rings

Gymnastic Rings Program Progression

Reddit user u/Vlaaddd completed a dedicated rings program over 4 month period and enjoyed some fantastic results.

He managed to gain 4kg of muscle through consistent gym ring exercises and getting the right nutrition which included a lot of protein and green.

Despite the challenge of the volume of repetitions and exercise progression, his overall strength levels went through the roof, and the visual proof of that is clear to see.

A man gained muscle and lost weight by working out with gymnastic rings