Three Celebrities You Didn't Know Use Gym Rings

Gym rings

SAS Australia, Ant Middleton


You may know Ant as the Chief Instructor from his hit TV show ‘SAS: Australia’ or from his upcoming “Mind Over Muscle’ speaking tour. The British born TV personality and former Marine is a husband and father of five, meaning time is a precious resource he must maximize.

When he’s not being a family man, filming one of his latest projects or climbing mountain’s (yes, he has conquered Everest), he ensures his body is getting the most efficient workout possible with the help of this gym rings.

In fact, during his time in the Army on tour in Afghanistan, it was the only piece of equipment he used as he could tie them to anything, and hook them up anywhere.

Ant attributes his success to being able to push his body the limit, and he does this with the help of his gym rings. You can view his workout regime here.

Former UFC fighter, Tom Watson

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Tom incorporates gym ring workouts into his training regime to ensure their entire body is prepared for the gruelling battle that is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Tom states that in order to train your body to avoid injury and to absorb the training load that you need to be successful, you need to shock every muscle, and that gym rings are the key.

“You can be strong on the bench but a session on the rings is killer as all the muscles you never hit have to strain incredibly hard”, says Tom.

He attributes the full-body work out results to the destabilising effect that the Gym Rings provide. For example, Tom says, “The impact on your abs makes it a far better investment than sit-ups. Look at any gymnast - they’re ripped.”

We can’t argue with Tom on that one, and we wouldn’t want to anyway.

Actor, Henry Cavill

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The 38-year old former ‘Man of Steel’ certainly turned heads in his 2013 starring role in the Superman franchise, and during the lead-up he discussed what helped him bulk up for his breakthrough opportunity.        

Cavill explains that it was his dedicated use of gym rings which were part of the training regime that the helped him build up his physique for the leading role.

"I learnt I could do all sorts of things in the gym that I never thought possible. It's not just a physical thing, but a psychological thing as well", Cavill explains. “The training has been a journey of discovery just like Superman's journey of discovery."

The above perfectly sums up the experience of working out with gym rings, as it becomes not only a body workout, but also a mental workout – pushing past the preconceived limits in your mind.

If you're still not convinced if gym rings are for you, take a look here for 7 Reasons To Start Working Out With Gymnastic Rings to find out.

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