Are CrossFit rings the missing piece in your daily workout?

Man doing pull ups on Atomic Iron gymnastic rings

If your fitness regime involves a variety of functional movements (such as aerobic exercise, weightlifting and calisthenics) performed at high intensity and you’re not using CrossFit rings, you’re missing out.

CrossFit rings, or gym rings, are one of the most useful pieces of exercise equipment for building strength and lean muscle as they engage multiple muscles at once, producing a physically exhaustive workout.

Although other exercises you may be doing with equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or medicine balls have their place, none of those provide the full-body muscle work-out in such a minimal amount of time as CrossFit rings.

The key is that the exercises, movements, and repetitions with CrossFit rings provide a full range of motion allowing for the entire joint to become stronger. Every muscle is fully engaged (as needed) to strengthen and stabilise the joints with every repetition you make.

The ability to increase the difficulty of CrossFit rings exercises by simply changing the angle of your body means you need less overall movements (and time) to achieve the same stress on your muscles needed for growth as other regular exercises you may already be doing.

And finally, CrossFit rings give you the flexibility to train where you want, and when you want. They are so light and compact that they can travel with you 24/7 so you never miss a workout. Lugging around a kettlebell or dumbbell in your backpack or putting them in your suitcase when on holiday is just not practical.

So if you’re looking to maximize your time and intensity in your daily workout, whilst ensuring a full muscle group development, adding in CrossFit rings could be the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

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