Are Gymnastic Rings Worth It?

Fit man using Atomic Iron gymnastic rings in Melbourne gym

Gymnastic rings are a fantastic way to workout, get fit, and build strength. For hundreds of years people have been investing their time, effort, and money into gym rings - so are gymnastic rings worth it? We break it down for you.

Are they worth your time?

Time is the one resource we can’t buy and make more of. It’s limited for everyone, so how you use your time is vitally important to the quality of life you live. You can’t recycle wasted time.

One great aspect of working out with gymnastic rings is that they can actually save you time. Meaning you have more time to do the things that are important to you, such as spending time with family, planning out your food prep, or catching up on sleep.  

Working out with your gymnastic rings at home, at your local park or even while on holiday, means there are no wasted hours in the car travelling back and forth to the gym. Your days of planning your life around a class time, or trying to get to the gym at a time that it isn’t too busy, are long gone. You’re now in control of how and when you spend your time.

Are they worth your effort?

We all want to be rewarded for our effort. And we also understand that unless we put in the effort, the results won’t show.

It may surprise you to hear that the benefits of consistently training with gymnastic rings, when used correctly, can be superior to machine and free weight exercises. How? Due to the unstable nature of the rings. When you work out with gymnastic rings, every muscle is activated and engaged throughout each exercise to naturally build strength. As a result, not just the muscle, but the entire joint becomes stronger whilst promoting a full range of motion for increased flexibility, and reduced risk of injury. As an added bonus, due to the high intensity nature of many of the exercises, you will burn fat in a more efficient manner.

So if to build muscle, increase your strength, strengthen your joints, become more flexible, lose weight, all with less chance of injury is one (or all) of what you’re looking for, then their worth become abundantly clear.

Are they worth your money?

We all know that gym memberships are not exactly cheap. Once the free trials or special deals have ended, most gyms charge a decent amount for the privilege of wanting to get fit - and they keep on charging. Add to that, the petrol cost of travelling back and forth, it’s starting to add up.

The great thing about gymnastic rings is that they are a one-time purchase, with no more to pay - ever. And the more you use your rings, the cheaper they become on a cost-per workout basis. There is no reason that with the proper care, your gym rings can last for up to 10 years – that’s 120 months!

By comparison to your gym membership, they are 100% worth your money.

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