The ‘Impossible Person to Shop For’ Christmas Gift Guide

Fitness gifts for him

Despite all the joy and happiness experienced during the Christmas and holiday period, it also brings many the unwanted stress of shopping for the perfect gift for those closest in our lives. And some of these people, love them as much as we might, are just a little bit impossible to shop for.

However, this Christmas, let us examine some of these types of people and provide some great gift ideas so you can spend less time worrying, and more working out!

Impossible Person 1: Mr ‘I Have Everything’

From the latest fashion to the most recent iPhone, and even the most expensive gym membership, this early adopter just has it all. However, one thing that they most likely haven’t purchased, is also one thing that will never go out of style, an Atomic Iron Gymnastic Rings set. There’s nothing trendier than staying fit, healthy, and tackling a challenge, and this person will thank you endlessly for it!  


Impossible Person 2: Your Spoilt Children Or Grandkids

Jeez today’s kids have it easier, right?! Back in our day we didn’t have iPads, Disney+ subscriptions and every toy under the sun to keep us entertained. They literally do not know how good they’ve got it, and yet it could be stopping them from achieving their best.

The good news is nothing will bring your kids back to reality than their own gymnastic rings set, with unique rainbow design. The good old days of playing outside during summer will come roaring back, not to mention building resilience through the physically challenging aspect of the rings.


Impossible Person 3: Your Friend Obsessed
With Social Media

#Selfie, #Fitspo, #Workout, etc… yes, we get it, they’re working out and they love to tell the world about it. But are they really? Since when does a 5-minute workout of few crunches handful of squats make them a fitness influencer?

It’s time to give them a real fitness challenge with outdoor gymnastic rings so the whole world can see exactly how #blessed and #stong they really are. Best news is if they don’t put it up on the ‘gram then they didn’t put in the work!


Impossible Person 4: New Years Resolution Failure

That one friend that tells you this year will be their year! Nothing will stop them… until the first thing stops them. We love their enthusiasm, but their eagerness to bite off more than they can chew inevitably ends in goals unfulfilled. So, this year, it’s time to start thing slow and steady.

Push-ups are one the best bodyweight exercises you can perform, and there’s no better way to start than with wooden push up bars. They reduce stress and pain through your wrists and shoulders and can be manipulated into different positions to ensure each day progression can be made to achieve their fitness goals.

We recommend:  WOODEN PUSH UP BARS

Impossible Person 5: They Succeed At Everything

Fifty push-ups in a minute? Done it. 5km in 20 mins? Done it. Bench Pressed 100kg? Done it. You name the physical exercise this person has done, is doing in, or it can’t be done (so they say).

But what about, rock climbing? With the new Atomic Iron Hangboard Rings Set, training for their next challenge on a side of a mountain (or indoor rock climbing studio) has never been easier (or harder)!