Wood Gymnastic Rings

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Wooden Gymnastic Rings

Made with Birch Wood

Includes: Your choice of 32mm, 28mm or 25mm ring size

Atomic Iron wooden gymnastic rings in your choice of size, 32mm as used at the Crossfit Games, 28mm FIG for gymnastics competitions, or our unique 25mm child size rings designed for small hands.  Made from multi-laminated premium Olympic grade Birch wood sanded smooth and natural for the ultimate grip. A fun addition to your bodyweight training, calisthenics, gymnastics and Cross training. Your Atomic Iron wooden gymnastic rings are engineered to stand the test of time.

These rings are designed to be used with your choice of Atomic Iron gymnastic rings straps.

Please add both rings and straps to checkout to make a complete set.

32mm - size used at the Crossfit Games and requires more grip strength than the smaller 28mm rings. 32mm rings are great if you have larger hands or if you are looking for a harder workout.

28mm - manufactured to the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) specifications for competition. If using your rings for strength training, 28mm rings are for smaller hands or beginners..

25mm - child's size specially designed for small hands. Recommended for children 5-12 years.

- Material: Birch wood

- Ring diameter (pipe): your choice of 32mm, 28mm or 25mm

- External ring diameter of the 28mm and 32mm size rings: 235 mm

- External ring diameter of the 25mm child size rings: 189 mm

Package Content:

- 2x wooden gymnastic rings

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