Wood Gymnastic Rings with Carabiners (Rainbow)

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Wooden Gymnastic Rings in 28mm or 32mm Birch Wood

Made with Birch Wood Rings, and Thick Nylon Straps with Quick-Locking 2kn Carabiners

Includes: Your choice of 28mm or 32mm ring size

✔️Durable Nylon Straps

✔️Stylish Rainbow Design

✔️2kn Carabiners

✔️Natural Birch Wood Rings For A Strong Grip

✔️Easy Height Adjustments

Add some life to your gymnastics and calisthenics training with this fun rainbow design. The easy clip carabiner is quick to set up and simple to switch up the ring height. 

The premium Birch wood rings come in a choice of two sizes 28mm and 32mm depending on application and hand size - see our size guide for more information.

28mm - manufactured to the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) specifications for competition. If using your rings for strength training, 28mm rings are for smaller hands or beginners..

32mm - size used at the Crossfit Games and requires more grip strength than the smaller 28mm rings. 32mm rings are great if you have larger hands or if you are looking for a harder workout.

- Ring diameter (pipe): 28mm or 32mm

- Strap: 3.4 cm x 208.5 cm

- Maximum load: 200 kg

- External ring diameter: 235 mm

Package Content:

- 2x gymnastic rings

- 2x high-strength nylon webbing straps

- 4x 2kN Carabiners

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Feel the difference when gripping Atomic Iron's natural Birch wood rings. Smooth but never slippery for maintaining a strong grip and protecting your hands and wrists. Not only a fast-growing and easily replenished tree, Birch produces wood praised for its strength and durability.


Consider buying door anchors for a quick indoor workout. For more advanced exercises you'll need a horizontal bar or beam to fling the straps over. If you don't have one at home, head down to your nearest playground or outdoor gym and look for parallel bars, a set of monkey bars or even a swing frame work well too.

You can even hang from solid tree branches if you live in a leafy area. Just make sure you give the rings a good tug before use to check the beam will hold your weight.

Your new gymnastic rings are light and portable and are designed to be used outside.

However, in order to maintain their grip, the wood is natural and untreated which means it is not waterproof. Leaving your rings out in the rain will cause the wood to deteriorate and crack.

The solution is simple, just unclip the rings when you finish your workout and store them inside where it's dry.

Like anything worth having, it takes time. Patience and consistency are your best friends when working out with gymnastic rings, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you struggle to see the results right away.

However, if you stay patient and consistently complete exercises 3-4 times per week, you should feel noticeably stronger after as little as 4 weeks and see muscle definition changes after 6-8 weeks.